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Juneau Jumpers Tryouts: Team Qualify

A dozen interested youth turned out to the first tryout practice of the season last Sunday. The Juneau Jumpers are excited to be growing the team! Interested jumpers who missed the first tryout practice session are still encouraged to come today (10/30) to meet the team and practice “team qualify” skills and tricks. Those include:

  • 50 Single Bounces
  • 8 SS Cross
  • 8 Bell
  • 4 Stall
  • 8 Double Straddle
  • 10 Skip-with-rope
  • 8 Swing Kick
  • SPEED 80
  • 8 Heel-to-heel
  • 5 Double Unders
  • One freestyle routine with 5 combined tricks in 15 seconds

Returning jumpers are available to demonstrated and assist with all team qualify tricks and skills. Questions regarding tryouts can be emailed to