About Us

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Who We Are

The Juneau Jumpers is a multi-age rope skipping team located in our capital city of Juneau, Alaska. Juneau Jumpers is a non-profit organization founded by Bob Berry and Dwayne Bonk in 1985. Our existence relies entirely on a staff of volunteer coaches, and supportive parents led by the board. Combining age groups provides participants an opportunity to break down age barriers that often exist in traditional sports. The program focuses on teamwork and individual achievement and encourages experienced jumpers to mentor newer jumpers.


Our Current Team: 2014-2015
Adella Dihle Johanna GriggsMurphy Delgado
Amanda VanSlyke Jonathan TappNatalie Wittwer
Amy Schoonover Katrina TatonRon Hansen
Asianna Mazon Kayla SimpsonSophia Harvey
Camille Varner Kelley OlsonTori Ross
Chloe Varner Kelsey Barker
Claire Varner Kiah Dihle
Connor Ulmer Maddy Roemeling
Dunya Hermann Martina Worden
Gabrielle Griggs Mikayla May


Our Goal

Rope skipping is an excellent aerobic activity, which provides Juneau with a fun indoor sport for our rainy climate. Through the sport of rope skipping we hope to:

What We Do

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Juneau Jumpers compete in local, regional, national and international rope skipping tournaments, as well as providing entertaining demonstration shows. Participants practice individually and at twice-weekly team workouts, which start in September and end in late April or early May. Practices are held at the Juneau Jumpers home gym at Glacier Valley Elementary School. Annual events for the Juneau Jumpers may include:

Satellite Programs

Our partners include several jump rope satellite programs sponsored by our local elementary schools train young jumpers in the basics of the fun sport of rope skipping.

Call schools for more information.

Team School Coach
Auke Bay Ropers Auke Bay Elementary Paula Kalbrener
Gastineau Skippers Gastineau Elementary
Jumping Bears Glacier Valley Elementary Susie Denton
Harborview Hoppers Harborview Elementary
  Riverbend Elementary
Rad River Ropers Mendenhall River Elementary  Sunshine Winn

Fund Raising

Juneau Jumpers is a non-profit organization that relies on dedicated parent volunteers to coordinate a variety of annual fund raising events. Proceeds from these fund raising events are used to send jumpers to regional, national and world competitions and to jump rope camps for continued training. Fund raising events include:


We have several sponsors that support the success of this team. Sponsors include both individuals donating time and talents and local business supplying everything from facilities to prize donations for fund raising.

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Glacier Valley Elementary provides our home in the form of an office and gym space where we hold our regular practices and other events.

Many thanks to the following businesses for their generous support:

If you are sponsor and not listed above, please send me a note.

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