About Us

Who We Are
The Juneau Jumpers is a multi-age rope skipping team located in our capital city of Juneau, Alaska. Juneau Jumpers is a non-profit organization founded by Bob Berry and Dwayne Bonk in 1985. Our existence relies entirely on a staff of volunteer coaches, and supportive parents led by the board. Combining age groups provides participants an opportunity to break down age barriers that often exist in traditional sports. The program focuses on teamwork and individual achievement and encourages experienced jumpers to mentor newer jumpers.

Juneau Jumpers Team (req. update)
 Adella Dihle  Garrett Klein   Mikayla May
 Amanda VanSlyke  Johanna Griggs   Murphy Delgado
 Amy Schoonover  Jonathan Tapp   Natalie Wittwer
 Asianna Mazon  Katrina Taton  Ron Hansen
 Camille Varner  Kayla Simpson  Sophia Harvey
 Chloe Varner  Kelley Olson
 Claire Varner  Kelsey Barker
 Connor Ulmer  Kiah Dihle
 Dunya Hermann  Maddy Roemeling
 Gabrielle Griggs  Martina Worden